Department Alumni Award

The Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies Alumni Award recognizes an outstanding alumnus. Candidate selection is determined by the department’s faculty.

2022Dr. Sherra Watkins
2021Jarmichael Harris

College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) Awards

Research Day Award for Presentations and Posters

2021Amelia D. Saul

Dissertation Award Grants for Research

2017Cheryl Meola
2017Mary Schatz

University Research Awards

Research & Creative Achievement Week (RCAW) is a celebratory week of student presentations, both undergraduate and graduate, to highlight their research and creative works. Presentations take the form in many ways – podium, poster, exhibits, dances, shows, and performances. Awards are given to outstanding presentations in multiple categories by discipline.

2003Ellen Nicole Johnson-Willis
2002Traci Haas-Thompson
2001Rodney Alston
2000Michael Fryar
1999Paul D Dalton
1998Mark S Weaver
1996Cheryl Ann Laughner
1995Barbara L Jones
1994Karen Jean Barcus
1993Donald M Cavellini
1992Craig S Respess
1991Janilyn Q Martin
1990Sylvia C Henry
1989James F Parhamovich
1988Martha C Harris
1987Anu M Joshi
1986Lisa Ward-Ross
1985Glenda P. Flemer
1984Neil Mac Britt
1983Kathy M Bryant
1982John R. Mazzulla
1981Olivia Kay Clyde
1980Debra L. Butler
1979Jacob Dove

The Apogee Solutions Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation & Career Counseling.

2021Jessica Forys
2020Christiane Russell
2019Lindsay Chute
2019Debra Midyette

The Dr. Shel Downes Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Dr. Sheldon C. Downes, a retired faculty member, for his commitment to the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies. It is available to students with a major in the department and an interest in pursuing a career in Vocational Rehabilitation.

2021Eliza Leyva
2020Brittney Whaley

The Jennifer Elizabeth “Beth” Lambeth Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2009 by Dr. H.D. Lambeth, Jr. in memory of his daughter. It supports full-time graduate students in the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies.

2021Lina Rios
2020Margaret Morefield
2019Kari Carr
2019Britton Noel
2018Meghan Tikekar
2017Lauren B Scroggs
2017Ashley L Andrews
2016Katherine D Quillen
2016Allison Harris
2015Scott Smith
2015Kelli Brianne Chase
2014Sydney Holt Vaughan
2014Linsdey Bradley
2014Lindley Elizabeth Cherry
2013Qu'Nesha S Hinton
2013Kelly B Dewald
2012Cynthia Vern Lewis
2011Stephanie K Morell
2009Sarah A French
2009Kenneth S Pritchard
2008Jennifer M Long
2008Tracie E Campbell
2007Lynette A Weaver
2007Holly J Williams
2006Monica R Shamdasani
2006Brandy L Basham
2005Lisa Marie Britt
2004Traci A Haas-Thomas
2003Sonja D Ellington
2002Coutrtney B Hargrave
2001E Clayton Hopkins
2000William Andrew Siegle
1999Elana Dawn Ellis
1998John J Humphreys
1998Carol L Deakin
1998Paul D Dalton
1997Stephen Craig Rush
1996Anne Johnson
1995Jo Ann Hummers
1994Pamela Lee Cato
1993Karen J Barcus
1992Cheryl D Gentile
1991Cynthia J Jenkins
1990Karen L Taylor
1989Holly A Hale
1988Daean B Menke
1987Melody Lynn Meeks
1986Mureen Anne Incalls
1985Diane Bronstein
1984Lisa Ward-Ross
1983Kathryn Sloan Wilson
1982James T Warren
1981John Robert (Bob) Hunt

The Louise O. Burevitch Scholarship

Mrs. Burevitch attended ECU for one year and was a well-known philanthropist from Wilmington. She established scholarships in the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies, three additional departments, and a general scholarship, which is awarded to any student in the college.

The Louise O. Burevitch Scholarship in Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies

2021Nichole Arnold-Minkley
2020Kaylie Sargent
2019Jaquelin Dodge Evans
2016Alexis L Wilkerson
2015Samantha M Coleman
2014Vanessa M Perry, M.S., CRC

The Louise O. Burevitch Memorial Scholarship for the College of Allied Health Sciences

2021Margaret Everett
2021Kaylie Sargent
2020Dana Cea
2019Jasmine Garland McKinney
2019Dana Cea
2019Burklee Bradley
2018Mackenzie McNamara
2018Leah Riddell
2017Kayla Bennett
2017Kelsey Crist
2016Alexis Wilkerson
2016Kristin Messina